Vashon Cleaning Supplies & Products

Mrs Meyers Cleaning Products

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day household products make cleaning your home fresh, fun and fragrant.

All of their cleaners are made with natural essential oils, are phosphate-free, and were never tested on animals. So, whatever household product you use, it will be good for you, your home and the earth.

Tide Original Cleaning Detergent

For a brilliant clean every time. It's the original Tide you love.

The Acti-Lift formula contains technologies to help lift off stains with ease. The power of Acti-Lift is due to three crucial ingredients. First, cleaning enzymes help deep clean fibers so stains lift off with ease. Cleaning polymers, designed to boost Tide's already great cleaning surfactant, then help break up dry stains and lift them from fabrics. Finally, whiteness booster gives a great whitness result even in just one wash.

Tide with Acti-Lift also contains surfactants. Surfactant molecules have two parts. One is "water loving" and the other is "water hating." The water-loving (hydrophilic) part breaks the surface tension of water. The water-hating (hydrophobic) part is attracted to oil and grease in soils, loosening and removing them from fabrics.

Bona Floor Care Cleaning Products Brooms

Bringing out the best in hardwood floors

Bona offers effective, easy to use and safe cleaners, polishes, mops and pads.

Dri-Z-Air Dehumidifier Moisture Absorber

Protect against damage cause by moisture!

Use Dri-Z-Air dehumidifier products to safely remove and absorb excess moisture and musty smells from the air. Dri-Z-Air helps maintain woodwork and items in your home, boat, RV, garage, closets, and storage units.

Kids N Pets Cleaning Products

For Every Mess Use Kids 'N' Pets

Guaranteed to completely eliminate urine odors with no coverup scents or perfumes

Discourages pet resoiling by completely eliminating urine odors

Can be safely used on any water-safe surfaces such as carpets, upholstery, clothing and more

Safe, non-toxic, biodegradable formula that can be safely used around children and pets

Works on a wide variety of the messiest stains and smelliest odors

Folex Cleaning Supplies

Folex The Solution To Your Stain!

FOLEX is a Water Based Non-Ionic Surfactant

WATER BASED means that it uses water to wash the stain away, for safety, and virtually residue free cleaning. Unlike some soap, solvent, or oil based cleaners that could be smelly, toxic, flammable, leave a sticky residue, or damage the carpet backing.

NON-IONIC means that it does not have a positive (+) or a negative (-) charge... therefore it will not attract or repel dust and dirt, so that the cleaned area will soil uniformly with the surrounding area. The spot will not reappear!

SURFACTANT means that it is an emulsifying agent that reduces surface tension... So it breaks up the stain, and surrounds it, so that it can be removed by blotting with a dry cloth or paper towel.

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