Chicken / Poultry Fencing

Deer, Poultry, Lawn & Garden Fencing

While there are many advantages to keeping an open yard or garden, there are also many advantages to protecting or structuring them with wire fencing, including keeping your yard looking well-kept by designating areas of growth and keeping undesirable animals away from your plants. Island Home Center & Lumber can help you find the best yard and garden fencing to suit your needs.

When outdoor critters become more pest than attraction, but you'd like to avoid completely closing off your space, yard fencing is an excellent option. Garden and yard fencing come in many styles and are most commonly made from welded wire fence. This type of fencing is sturdy enough to act as an animal barrier and still provides some level of transparency allowing you to see past or through its borders.

Garden fencing is also helpful in separating different types of vegetation from each other or supporting plant vines. Island Home Center & Lumber carries a variety of welded wire fencing, and even deer fence options, to help ensure your gardening efforts will thrive and not disappear due to the abundance of deer here on Vashon Island.

We stock a great selection of Powerfields Electric Fencing items.

We also carry a selection of Cedar Posts and 1x6 Cedar Fence Boards for you as well.

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