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The Standlee Hay Company proudly produces premium quality western hay forages and hay forage products to distributors, feed and farm stores and other retail dealers across the United States. The Standlee Hay Company offers a complete line of baled hay forages, bagged forage products and other fine products to make consumers feel confident that they are selecting hay forage products that are Pure, Natural and Nutritious for their animals.

Compressed Bales

  • Premium Timothy Grass Hay

    Premium Timothy Grass

    Timothy Grass Hay is rapidly becoming a very popular hay forage across the United States. As more people become regimented in feeding programs, timothy grass hay is the forage of choice.

    Timothy grass hay generally has only two cuttings each growing season. There is a difference between the two cuttings. First cutting generally has larger stems, a little lower protein level, generally around 9%. Timothy grass hay second cutting has a finer stem, shorter seed head and a little more protein at or near 11%. The sugar level maintains around 8% with each cutting.

    Timothy grass hay is an excellent choice for animals needing a maintenance level of hay forage. Timothy grass is also an excellent selection of forage for insulin resistant horses, cushings, or convalescing horses.

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  • Premium Alfalfa Hay

    Premium Alfalfa Hay

    Alfalfa hay is the most popular of all hay forages, due to the vast supply around the country. Alfalfa hay in Idaho usually has four cuttings, taking nearly 28 days for the forage to be mature for each cutting.

    The most popular cuttings for individuals with horses, sheep and other farm animals is second and third cuttings. Individuals, who have horses and feed alfalfa, will feed second or third cuttings, with the controlled levels of energy but also prefer smaller stems with the lush leaves. All Standlee Hay Company compressed alfalfa bales come from these two specific cuttings.

    Alfalfa hay forage is for animals needing maximum energy levels such as performance horses, horses being trained or that are ridden frequently. Controlled amounts of alfalfa should be used as maintenance forage of choice. Alfalfa has the least amount of sugar in all the forages that Standlee Hay Company provides although rich in nutritional values.

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  • Premium Orchard Grass

    Premium Orchard Grass

    Orchard grass hay is a popular hay forage on both coasts of the United States.

    Generally, there are two cuttings of orchard grass. The first cutting the forage will have seed heads, the second cutting will not. Orchard grass is higher in sugar than other forages – about 10% and not recommended for insulin-resistant horses or horses with other health issues where sugar could exasperate the problems. Orchard grass hay can be considered a maintenance-type, energy level hay forage for most animals.

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  • Standlee Straw

    Standlee Straw

    Straw can be used as animal bedding, lawn decorations and new lawn seed covering.

    It is not recommended to use straw as an equine bedding, as horses may eat it, causing digestive problems. All Standlee Hay straw is either barley or wheat and is of premium quality and noxious weed free. Standlee Hay Company straw bales are easy to handle and convenient for storing. Straw bales weigh approximately 50 pounds each.

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Optimum Forage

  • Certisure Timothy Grass Hay Pellets

    Certisure Timothy Grass Pellets

    Timothy Grass Hay Pellets have created a huge stir in most market places across the country.

    These pellets have been used in a wide variety of feeding regimens due to their consistent nature within the analyzed tested component elements. Timothy Grass Hay Pellets are low in sugar (8%) and low in non-structured carbohydrates (9%). Timothy Grass Hay Pellets have been used greatly for animals that are insulin resistant, convalescing horses and animals recovering from surgery or an illness. Timothy Grass Hay Pellets are easy to feed, store and take when transporting animals. These pellets are certified noxious weed free.

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  • Certisure Timothy Orchard Grass Pellets

    Certisure Orchard Grass Pellets

    Orchard grass pellets are produced from rich green orchard grass hay forages that are easy to digest.

    These bright green pellets are recommended for horses, cattle, and other animals needing maintenance to less active levels of energy requirements but not intended as a sole source of nutrition. These pellets are certified noxious weed free.

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